About John

Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

I started my online journey in 2009 when I attended an Internet Marketing Seminar at the O2 Centre in London, organised by Andrew Reynolds.  This was after I had spent a year previously going through his Cash On Demand 12 month course with a  new module delivered by post each month!

In 2010 I attended my first World Internet Summit where I worked on the customer service desk and witnessed some customers spending about $2000 per course, some bought 2 or 3 in the same weekend!  The speakers made their products sound so fantastic that people were scambling to get to the desk first.

But I know for sure, 9 out of 10 failed, not because the products were no good, but because they gave up, failed to take enough consistant action by focussing on ONE thing until they got results.

They got distracted when the learning curve seemed too steep and jumped on the "Shiney Object" band wagon thinking that each new "Shiney Object" would contain the "Secrets" or "Underground Methods" that someone had discovered in their "Secret Underground Lab" and was willing to share with you for $7.97, plus a load of upsells and distracting bonuses!

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