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How To Create a Squeeze Page And A Thank You Page in 10mins or Less

Here we are going to build an email optin page or squeeze page to capture email addresses and a Thank You page where your subscribers can download their Free gift.

Now at the end I'm going to share with your a really useful free resource, in the meantime lets make a start.

First we go to our WordPress dashboard and click on Pages and add new, lets call it Optin Page then publish it, next we edit the page by clicking on Launch Thrive Architect rather than start from scratch we can use one of the inbuilt templates. We click on the + to the right of the screen and choose a simple Lead Generation template.  We can make all sorts of changes to this to make it look nice, but for now we can leave it as is.

It's more important for now that I show you how to connect your Autoresponder to this optin form. So we click on the form and then Add Connection, from the drop-down menu I'll choose Getresponse then add them to my 12 Step list. For our own use we can add a tag telling us where they have come from.  Let's put Lead Magnet, then we click Apply.  Now we can save this work for now.

Back in WordPress we need to create another page and we'll call it the Thank You Page, publish it then click on Launch Thrive Architect again.  We can open a template again only this time we will choose a Download Page.  If we save the page and then click on Preview we can pick up the URL and add it to the optin page and click where it says After successful submission click on the drop-down menu then select  "re-direct to a custom url" and paste the url of the Thank You page in there.

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